1. January 30, 2020

    Biguande PHMB in Swimming Pools

    Biguande PHMB PolyHexaMethylene Biguanide is a non-chlorine bactericide developed for use in private swimming pools. It is not recommended for use in pools fitted with an ozone device. Special versions exist for spa/hot tub use.…
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  2. January 09, 2020

    Bromine In Swimming Pools

    Bromine In Swimming Pools Bromine is like chlorine in the way that it will kill the bacteria and harmful chemicals, but bromine and chlorine react in different ways in swimming pool water. Bromine Is used more to sanitize spas and hot…
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  3. December 11, 2019

    How To Test For Chlorine In Water

    Here is how you would test for the different types of chlorine with DPD 1 & 3 Tablets( Free and Combined Chlorine) in water.    Free Available Chlorine The DPD No. 1 tablet, which contains the NN Diethyl p…
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  4. October 24, 2019

    What is Total Dissloved Solids (TDS)?

    What is Total Dissloved Solids (TDS)? This is the sum of the dissloved compounds-hardness salts. treatment chemicals e.c.t. in the water. Its importance has been recognised over the years as giving an indication as to whether the pool…
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  5. September 18, 2019

    DPD Method For Ozone

    DPD Method For Ozone What is Ozone?  This is a toxic gas and conesquently in larger installtions, must been removed from the water before it is returned to the pool after treatment. But in spa pools,…
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  6. June 27, 2019

    Water Treatment for Hot Tubs- The Basics

    Water Treatment for Hot Tubs- The Basics Water Treatment for Hot Tubs It’s important to ensure that the water in your hot tub is clear, clean and hygienically safe, this is because there could be harmful…
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  7. June 17, 2019

    Calcium Hardness In Pool Water

    Calcium Hardness In Pool Water Calcium Hardness is another imporarnt test that you need to keep your water balanced(the other two being pH & total alkalinity). So when you are testing for calcium hardness you will be measuring how…
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  8. June 04, 2019

    How To Use Pool Test Strips?

    How To Use Pool Test Strips?  These days test strips are becoming more popular to use than photometers or liquid test kits. This is because they are quicker and easy to use as you will not need to mess around with adding drops of…
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  9. May 28, 2019

    How To Use The Lovibond Scuba II Pool Tester

    How to use the Lovibond Scuba II Pool Tester ? Here are 10 simple steps on how to use the Lovibond Scuba II Pool Tester 1. To switch the unit On press the ON/OFF button.
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  10. May 28, 2019

    What is Total Alkalinity?

    What is Total Alkalinity?   Total Alkalinity is the measurement of the concentration of all alkaline substance that dissolve in water.   Total alkalinity is used as a measure of how much alkaline there is…
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