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What is Colour?

Colour is a visual, perceptual property in human beings. Colour derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light energy versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with light sensitive cells. In our environment, materials are coloured depending on the wavelengths of light they reflect or transmit. The visible colour spectrum runs from red through to blue wavelengths, approximately 360-720nm. Three things are necessary to see colour:

  • A light source 
  • An object 
  • An observer/processor

Ways to Measure Colour

Today, Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers and Spectrophotometric Colorimeters are the most commonly used instruments for measuring colour worldwide. These technologies measure the proportion of reflected or transmitted light at many points on the visual spectrum. The point scan be plotted graphically to form a spectral curve. Since the spectral curve of each colour is completely unique, like a signature or fingerprint, the curve is an excellent tool for identifying, specifying and matching colour. When an object interacts with light, some of the wavelengths of light are absorbed and others are reflected or transmitted (in the case of a coloured but clear liquid).


Therefore, a red ball absorbs all wavelengths of light except for those in the red part of the spectrum, which it reflects. A blue ball reflects only blue wavelengths. A glass of apple juice transmits green and yellow wavelengths. Fresh snow reflects most of the light that interacts with it and hence appears white. Black is the absence of reflected light.


Due to the numerous potential applications for colour measurement and the wide range of different types of materials which need to be tested, there are many diverse instrumental options which have been optimised for specific purpose. The first consideration is whether the colour being measured is from light reflecting off a sample or light being transmitted through a sample.

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